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At the time when Nature with a lusty spirit 
Was conceiving monstrous children each day, 
I should have liked to live near a young giantess, 
Like a voluptuous cat at the feet of a queen.

I should have liked to see her soul and body thrive 
And grow without restraint in her terrible games; 
To divine by the mist swimming within her eyes 
If her heart harbored a smoldering flame;

To explore leisurely her magnificent form;
To crawl upon the slopes of her enormous knees,
And sometimes in summer, when the unhealthy sun

Makes her stretch out, weary, across the countryside, 
To sleep nonchalantly in the shade of her breasts, 
Like a peaceful hamlet below a mountainside.

— William Aggeler, The Flowers of Evil 

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Welcome to My Treasure Trove

Enjoy all the best I have to offer and more


Private Fanpage

A thoughtfully curated archive of uncensored photos, videos, behind the scenes footage from my photoshoots, and exclusive access to erotic PPV content not available anywhere else. 

Analog Lover

For those who have a soft spot for film and are interested in supporting my artistic and creative endeavors. A complete archive of all of my uncensored professional photo sets, self portraits and film photography shot and collected over the years.

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